Free Printable Download – Whimsical II Project Life Journaling Cards


Hello…and I hope you had a great weekend and you are ready for Part 2 of my whimsical journaling cards and elements. I have stepped away from my vintage theme and attempted a journaling card design with plenty of contrast.   The color scheme?  Why, black, white and red, of course!

As for the details about the freebie, there are four journaling cards plus a few elements and they can either be used for journaling in your project life projects or other type of memory keeping.   This free printable has 16 elements on an 8 1/2″ by 11″ pdf file.  The file size is about 1.34 MB.  They were created at 300 dpi and I designed most of the clip art and other elements other than a few images of washi tape.  I have also included a little extra word art snippets and that’s why there are more elements.  They will coordinate with my first whimsical set. (The link is at the bottom of the blog post.)

I’d like to say thanks for all those taking the time to comment, I sure appreciate the gracious “thank yous” and the legitimate “link love”.  I have been getting views from all over the world.

I am honored to be part of your re-pins on your Pinterest boards in the ranks with other much more established designers.  I just can’t thank you enough! If you can take time out of your busy day, I appreciate your constructive feedback.  I have been super busy, and have been acquiring all kinds of new craftingtools that I want to share with you, maybe in the near future.

As usual these freebies are free for personal use, (check my TOU if you haven’t previously.) If you have been here before, you know the drill.  If not, you might want to read the quick TOU before you access the printable.

Some things you should know before downloading: (Updated 10/26/2013)

* Vintage Glam Studio printables (formerly under the name Vintage Glam Collectibles) are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. (I own the domains for both names and will be dedicating this blog to more design related articles and printables. Don’t be concerned if you have posted it under the previous name, my traffic boost  and other factors are contributing to the name change.)
*You may not re-sell, redistribute, or claim the original or derivative designs as your own.
*Please do not remove the watermark or modify the design in any way other than for your own Personal use.
*If you post this on the internet, please give credit to Vintage Glam Studio & link back to my blog, so others can obtain the resources.  Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook are great social media sharing platforms, it’s the  sharing without a link back that can be a problem.

You can access the pdf file here.  Or if you like, click on the picture below for the download.   Hope you like them! 🙂


Image Credit:

Washi tape (2 images) courtesy of Pugley Pixel.

Most of my elements are made from Commercial use or public domain sources, however if any designer feels their copyright has been infringed upon the freebie will promptly be removed and the freebie will no longer be available.  Designers vary in their restrictions for their terms of use (even for CU items), so although I try to be scrupulous, I may miss some.

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Free Printable Download – Whimsical Journaling Cards

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    1. Awesome…thanks for taking time out of your busy day and sharing such a nice comment. Keeps me motivated to keep developing my design skills.

  1. pour une fois, je reste au français (je ne parle pas assez bien l’anglais – il paraît que les Français ne sont pas très doués pour les langues étrangères : c’est une bonne excuse, non 😉 ?) j’adore vos créations et j’aime beaucoup partager mes jolies découvertes dans la “blogosphère”, sur Pinterest et sur Facebook, et bientôt sur mon site… je fais aussi un peu de création, et je sais le travail que cela demande, aussi j’apprécie encore plus la gentillesse et la générosité de ceux qui, comme vous, partagent leur travail, alors merci encore de nous offrir tous ces superbes freebies !… je vous recontacterai bientôt, car je voudrais que vous soyez un des tous premiers designers invités de mon site : vous avez un réel talent et j’ai très envie de le faire découvrir à d’autres fans de scrap !…

  2. Thanks Lea & Cindy. I’m sorry I replied to you so late. However, I do appreciate it so much. I’m constantly surprised how blog posts & their corresponding freebie printables are being accessed (and appreciated) so many months later after being created. That’s so awesome…I just don’t have the words to express my gratitude.

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