Terms of Use

And now a word about the legal stuff…

Public Domain Images:

You are free to use all clip art and images,  in any of your personal projects created for resale or pleasure other than the images on my blog and other photos that were not designated as free clip art or images. Please do not use more than 5 of the graphic images within any one project, or within a single page of a blog or website.  I will try to upload and post only images that are usually in the public domain and those images that are not under copyright laws in the United States.

I have a large collection of vintage ephemera that I would like to make available to the DIY crafting community  and vintage crafting bloggers; however, I would appreciate it if you read the following guidelines and their application.


  • Use the resources to decorate your blogs and social media websites (for personal or business use), but please do not use my resources to create pre-made blog designs, collage sheets, downloadable images or image libraries on CDs free or for resale.
  • Use the resources to create a physical, tangible product (i.e. printed greeting cards) for personal use or limited production resale.
  • Use the resources for personal gifts and projects or non-profit fundraisers.


The following includes resources created by VintageGlam in addition to free downloadable images.

  • You MAY NOT incorporate ANY of the resources to be part of any kind of digital download on your blog(s) or website(s), whether free or for sale (i.e. downloadable freebies, images or blog widgets).  For example, a product delivered via email or any network is a digital download.
  • You MAY NOT re-sell or re-distribute or re-package the resources as digital downloads. The images may not be uploaded to any other websites as a freebie or resaleable product.
  • You MAY NOT re-sell or re-distribute or re-package the resources as clip art in a cd/book clip art kit.
  • You MAY NOT capture video screencasts of any tutorials and re-sell or re-distribute or re-package them, including re-distributing them as uploads or downloads for any web site.
  • You MAY NOT copy any blog page to display on your website. (Use an excerpt if you have to, but please link to the original blog post – not the actual file.)


13 Replies to “Terms of Use”

  1. Thank you for the wonderful printables! Do you have any Boy Scout printables?
    I am making a scrapbook for our Eagle Scout. Thank you!!

  2. Thank you so much for all that you do. I appreciate it. This will help make decorating my personal planner with a splash of color much easier!

  3. Are we able to print these off and sell them on our etsy sites as long as we give credit to you? I don’t mean sell the download, I mean sell the actual sheets of stickers.
    Please let me know!

  4. I have a youtube channel and I was wondering if I could mention this site in a plan with me video , this site is so helpful and I would love to mention is in a video .
    Thank You

    1. I’m glad you like my blog freebies; however, I use the free design elements of other designers that have strict Terms of Use for their design work. So, I do not allow the resale of my printables on Etsy in order to meet their terms as well as my own.

  5. I wonder if I can use your blog freebies to print and put in my journals that I only sell through my Facebook page? Waiting for your answer without doing anything I´m not allowed to do. Thank you.

I really appreciate your comments! Thanks for stopping by!