Hello and welcome to a short story about me and the purpose of this blog…

What began as a simple journal blog about vintage collectibles and design interests on the WordPress.com platform (that I only invested some of my free time to) has morphed into a totally different website in the past couple of years.

When I stumbled on the growing interest in fun and pretty planner stickers and time organization… that was what really got my creative interests flowing.

While raising my children as a single Mom, juggling time schedules has always been my thing as well as an absolute necessity in order to survive the balance between work and life .  I have calendars/planners all the way back to high school.  I know I’m geeky that way.

This website has been an incredible journey of self development and tech skills growth.  Now,  I am devoting much more time to it  because this once relaxing project has become an exciting project with new promises for the future prompted by blog followers and readers like you.

I’m the youngest of eight children and a divorced mother of two young adults. I have worked in a variety of industries from commercial insurance, to real estate and education.  I   even taught a High School Office computer skills class.

However, this blog was supposed to be about my hobbies, diy crafting and design.  It has since become a new, exciting chapter of my life.

I’ve used the combined skills from this experience to carve out a blog that you will hopefully continue to visit. For now as I develop this blog, I ‘m trying to take my own advice which is…Enjoying the journey….and all the people who I meet along this journey.