4 Creative St. Patrick’s Day Holiday Decor Ideas With Vintage Flair


Nothing like another holiday, in order to give you an excuse for vintage holiday decorating.  What is the point of collecting vintage items if you can’t display them and use them for celebrations?  So, just wanted to acknowledge all the St. Patrick’s Day celebration that you see on the internet and other social media.  The other images I have included, provide ideas for displaying your vintage cutlery and tableware that is just lovely.

Here’s a round up of a few pins, I have collected on my “Holiday Decor” board on Pinterest that will spurcreative ideas  for Irish St. Patrick’s Day decor with a vintage feel and using some of the  free vintage postcards that are available on the Internet.

Source: etsy.com via Dru on Pinterest

I think it’s the mercury glass  and chandelier print on the mantel that I like so much.  The sign has just the right touch of crafty diy feel mixed with a few formal decor items.

I really like the shabby chic(or distressed) decor in this next idea, and of course the vintage cutlery, green majolica and tablescape. The origiinal pinner is a self-confessed plate addict.

Source: Uploaded by user via Dru on Pinterest

This next pin includes the actual vintage postcards I found online to create my header image.  Here the pinner is using it to create a cute holiday home decor item.

This next idea, I really like and will probably use it with different holidays.  Just change the vintage cup color to your holiday color theme.

Source: etsy.com via Dru on Pinterest

Hope  you like these pins and they inspire you to get you celebrating holidays with all your vintage collectibles.

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