8 Ways to Use Vintage Wallpaper in Your Creative Projects

Vintage Wallpaper

If you are looking for something unique or want to spend more on the gift itself instead of the wrapping , you ought to try  to wrap a gift with vintage wallpaper.  However, don’t stop there!  There are many uses for this wonderful paper product.

Use vintage graphic wallpaper and or vintage fabric to cover boxes or scrapbooks.  Often these paperboard boxes can be found in varying sizes at discount stores for a few dollars each. The image below is a digital image of vintage wallpaper, click on the image below to access the free digital paper assortment available at Free Pretty Things For You.


Vintage Wallpaper Ideas

  • You can also use vintage wallpaper as giftwrap.  Whenever you go thrift store shopping keep your eyes out for wallpaper rolls.  Rolls frequently surface at flea markets, thrift stores and on eBay.  Wrapping presents with wallpaper, which is usually a little stiffer, can be challenging. In order to achieve crisp corners and creases, I suggest you invest in a bone folder tool which can help you achieve crisp, straight creases.
  • Search online for specialty shops that sell vintage wrapping paper.  Expect to pay higher prices as many of the wallpapers sold are discontinued patterns.
  • Use new wallpaper that has a vintage pattern.  Look for these remnants at decorating stores or ask friends or neighbors if they have leftovers from recent home renovations.
  • Even small remnants of wallpaper can be used with any scrapbooking project you may have.
  • Consider giving a favorite crafter friend several rolls of pretty wallpaper as a gift, which can be used to cover boxes, to line drawers, or to paper the inside of a cupboard.
  • If you have a roll of wallpaper that has very little paper left or you want to use sparingly, consider investing in a few rolls of Brown Kraft paper.  You know the kind of paper that is often used to cover packages you will be sending through snail mail, this paper can serve has a paper base for your gift and then you can use contrasting vintage wallpaper strips or trim to finish the project.
  • If you can’t bear to part with your beautiful paper, consider color photocopying the pattern and use it to wrap a small gift.  Many do-it-yourself office/print shops, such as Kinko’s or Staples, will color photocopy a single page 17” x 11” for under a dollar.

As with most vintage things, you won’t be able to go to your nearest Walmart  or Target to  pick up these items.  However, there are many e-shops on Rublyane, Tias and of course, Ebay that sell vintage wallpaper.  A recent addition to the handcrafted and vintage online shops is Etsy.  Many of the vendors on Etsy have made your search for vintage wallpaper easier as they provide scanned digital wallpaper available for printing at 300 dpi or digital wallpaper images at 72 dpi for online digital scrapbooking.  Prices will vary per vendor.

Esty Vintage Wallpaper Shops

Now more than ever, you will be able to find a whole lot of options for your vintage wallpaper needs.Try using the term “vintage wallpaper” or “ephemera” as your major keyword for your search.  Good luck and happy hunting!


Image Credit Flickr by studioreb