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Blog Update – Tech Issues

I’m sorry if you are experiencing issues with the site  or site header loading properly. I am trying to get this resolved as soon as possible.  The site’s download links and other tech issues are fine; however, I’m now on the hunt for the code that is making my header go wonky.



Tech Break – Blog Update

Hello blog followers and visitors.  I wanted to get you up to speed with all the  blog changes you are probably seeing on this website.  I have two items I wanted to cover with you and that is changes on my disclosure policy regarding “affiliate ads“.  Since  you have been such great fans of this blog, you have helped this little blog grow to more than 4,000,000+ views since I started self hosting  VintageGlam Studio  in April of 2014.

That kind of traffic has enabled me to land a few opportunities with brands I wouldn’t otherwise have. However, in order to continue bringing you great content that includes craft tools, supplies and wonderful coupons for these products, I need to comply with these brand’s desire for full disclosure to my blog followers and visitors.

So, you will probably be seeing disclosure statements regarding the fact that I might be getting paid when you click through links on my posts.  Although I had many Amazon links in past blog posts they had not been activated due to California online marketing  rules at the time.  That has since changed.

I also wanted to mention that you will probably be seeing a little blog redesign that might make you a little disoriented as to what blog you might be on.  But,  I’m hoping that all these changes will give the site a cleaner, streamlined  look but still provide access to all the freebies and valuable content you have gotten used to.

In any case, I  hope you have a great planning weekend as I type away behind the scenes getting ready for new planner and crafting goodies.

Season’s Greetings 2016

Hello blog followers and visitors… I wanted to share early Christmas and holiday greetings.  Just wanted to assure you that I am just fine and still planning to develop and add to this website; however, I have been busy with other hobbies ( planting a culinary  herb garden, as a small example) and  time commitments.  I definitely have to apply several “planning” principles as I try to organize my crazy life.  Thanks for your sweet compliments and comments and the continued web traffic.

I hope you are all caught up in fun holiday activities with your family and loved ones as you enjoy the holiday season.   Stay tuned.

The following are links to last year’s Christmas printables:

Christmas Coffee Shop Planner Stickers

Frozen Snow Planner Stickers

Peppermint Stick Planner Stickers

Winter Blue Ice Planner Stickers

Pastel Winter Planner Stickers

Don’t forget a Christmas Shopping list…

Retro Christmas Shopping List








Blog Update – Coffee and Tech Issues

Hello Peeps,

I just wanted to let you know that  I have been on a break due to some major technical issues with my original laptop and also my  backup laptop.  Amazingly, I have fried them both!

And,  while I wait for my new  laptop workhorse (being shipped this week), I have had to take a long coffee break and also have had to hold off on my new designs and additional freebies.  Please bear with this interruption during these mid-summer weeks.

I hope to be back on track within a few days to a week!  Meanwhile,  you can take advantage and  enjoy all the current blog posts and freebies that I have posted to date.    I just wanted to let you all know.  Thanks for your continued support.



Update (7/22/16):  So, my “new” laptop has come in and I am fast and furiously working on downloading , installing, upgrading some of  the software (and freeware) that I use to create my planner printables.

Check out the blog update and greeting Youtube vid below, if you like. ( Hint:  I was testing my screencasting software and sound quality)! So, sorry if you pick up on the semi frustrated tone of my voice ( it’s certainly not aimed at and of by blog peeps and followers)…sometimes the back end tech issues can get so ridiculous and exasperating!




Blog Update – Announcement

Bridal- wedding day

Hello blog followers and visitors!  I just wanted to update you all and let you know that I have not been posting any new planner goodies (and will be out of the country, shortly) because I have been busy preparing for  my son’s destination wedding in Europe!  This has been a crazy, busy time and while I have wanted to post new planner stickers goodies, I literally have not been able to carve out any spare time! Talk about planning challenges.

So, I hope you can bear with me until I return in a couple of weeks and I get back on track with all the planner goodies I can muster. Have a great one and enjoy all my other planner sticker posts!

New Year’s Greeting! – 2016 Planners

2016 Planning Calendars by Sugapaper for Target

Happy New Year to all my blog followers and visitors!  So here we are…we are now officially in the year 2016 and I just want to say y’all made 2015 a record year with your visits and views.  I’m grateful to you all for making,  what I began as an outlet for my creativity and de-stressing sessions,  into a whole new venture that now has taken a whole new direction into the planner world with many of my freebie planner printables!

It has been a very interesting journey that began with a “planner” printable I designed in February of 2015 and posted on this blog.   I hope you stay tuned and stick with me through this year 2016 to see what new items I will be coming up with.  I have been brainstorming “planning” sessions or printables I have been trying to design for a few more planners or different planners but we will see what can be provided within the next few weeks.

I have already started gathering a few planners for this year by purchasing some planners made by Sugarpaper for Target.  They are currently being sold for a reasonable sales price at Target.  I love these for their black and white color theme and the spots of gold they design throughout their planners.   In addition, I purchased the new Erin Condren Planner in both a horizontal and vertical view!  Although Staples is selling some of her planners (in certain select locations) you might find a better deal for Erin Condren planners on her website.   Here are a couple more pics of the Sugarpaper for Target planners for you to examine.

Inside view of 5 x 8 kraft and gold planner:

Sugar Paper for Target Planner

Here’s the interior view of the 8 1/2″ x 11″ monthly calendar by Sugar Paper for Target:

Monthly Calendar View - Sugar Paper for Target Interior View

Once again I want to thank you all for your visits, views and comments as we continue into 2016!  Happy Planning!

Black Friday Shopping Day!

As promised, with the generous promotional support of Silhouette America.  I am  able to share the great sales that Silhouette will be offering on Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year!  They will include:

– Free Shipping on orders over $50.00
-40% off almost everything in the Silhouette America store
-20% off Silhouette Design Store Subscriptions

-Deals will end on December 4th

-Free Shipping  is available to the contiguous United States.

– Silhouette Mint – $99.99( That was my error I had said $99.00)

   *Silhouette Mint $99.99
   *Portrait & Mint $189.99
   *CAMEO $199.99
    *CAMEO & Portrait $289.99
The two Silhouette machines are great for cutting out your stickers as well as other digital patterns and cutfiles.   To get these great promo deals, click on the picture below which will take you directly to Silhouette’s sale page and use the promo code “Black”.  Enjoy your holiday shopping and Happy Holidays!
black friday event
The following is a few of the machines offered on sale by Silhouette America during their biggest sale of the year!

Silhouette Machine Bundles

Update: Time sensitive offer.  Promotional offer over.


Happy Thanksgiving from Vintage Glam Studio!

Hello peeps and all new blog visitors and followers!  I hope you  all will be enjoying your holiday with your loved ones  and building great holiday memories!  If you have been following me on Instagram, I was pleased to host a giveaway (with the sponsorship of Silhouette)  of a Silhouette Mint Machine and that winner will be announced soon.

In addition, later on today I will be sharing Silhouette’s  promo sale info for Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year!   Through a promotional partnership with Silhouette America,  I will be able to provide you with a promo code and share all their great  Black Friday sale offers that Silhouette will be sponsoring this holiday season .  So, I hope you will be looking forward to that blog post.


Piece of Pumpkin Pie --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Blog News – Refreshing My Youtube Channel With Planner Decor Videos

Hello all my blog followers and visitors! I hope you are having a great weekend and carving out time for some crafting and lots of rest and relaxation.

Lots of good things are happening here at VintageGlam Studio, so I wanted to give you a little review of what’s happening in regard to my Youtube Channel  before we enter the super busy holiday season.  Although, we  are pretty much  there already come to think of it …what with Halloween parties and Halloween itself, I know you must be busy!

I just wanted to share that I am actively refreshing and updating my Youtube Channel.  At this time, I am creating lots of videos that basically provide a summarized review of my planner decor layouts in my Happy Planner by Me and My Big Ideas, Erin Condren Life Planner and Sugar Paper Planner for Target.  Most of the planner decor videos are under 5 minutes and they are edited so that you can get the real “meat”. I also include most of the materials and supplies and sources in the Youtube decscription so that you can add it to your “crafting” list , if you are interested. And I would just love it, if you become a subscriber!

I also hope to create more vids that cover some of the diy’s that I have shared on my Instagram account. (You guys are keeping me busy!)   But that is all in the planning  and “get it done” stage for right now, in any case I just wanted to let you know what is going on and share a video that I published today.

Thanks for your support and we’ll keep blogging away!