PicMonkey – 5 New Photo Effects on Free Online Photo Editor


Picmonkey has added several new features to their easy to use and free online photo editor.   This blog post will just cover the new “Light” photo effects they have added under the “Effects” menu in the Picmonkey Photo Editor section.

I have used the same photo of a beautiful flower in all the images and exaggerated the effects on the image so that you can see how the photo changes with each new menu option. As with all the menu options on Picmonkey,  each menu option offers a few more slider control options in order for you to the control the intensity of the effect you want applied to your image.


1. Bokeh

The image above shows the bokeh effect applied using the circle shape option.  The menu option actually offers five different shapes – a circle, a star, a small crosshair shape, a heart and a pentagon shape.  You can use these options to vary just the effect you want on your photo. You can blur the effect to your liking and the slider control allows you to control the size of the actual shape.  I really like this effect and experimented with the star and heart shape.  The heart shape would have really worked well with a Valentine’s Day theme; however, it was not available at the time.


2.  Radiance

This photo effect adds a starburst of light and the controls on the menu option allow you to vary the tint or color, and the radius of the light. You can also fade or brighten the effect to your liking.  In addition, the menu option allows you to choose where your focal point will be.  In this image, I made the center of the flower the focal point so that the light can radiate out.


3. Lens Flare

This option allows you to place a realistic lens flare into your photo, but if you notice it is not available as a free option.  Whenever you see the small crown on the menu option or the picmonkey logo wearing a crown on your image, that means that it is only available to those who have paid for the Royale Picmonkey features.  However, Picmonkey does allow you a preview of the feature. (Of course, to tantalize you in signing up!)  As you can see in the image, that this effect usually has a starburst of light with small circular light effects that trail from the starburst.


4. Sunglow

As the name states, this menu option places a beautiful sunglow effect on your image. You can control the glow size, the intensity of the glow and you can also control where the focal point or focus area will be.  In this case, I used the upper left hand corner for the sunglow effect.  If you will notice however, this is another Royale feature that is only available to customers who have paid for the Royale features.  This option is not free.


5. Spotlight

This feature or menu option allows you to do exactly what the name says, spotlight a focus area of your photo.  The controls allow you to adjust the focal size, the edge hardness and the fade or intensity of the effect. This feature did not work well with the image chosen.

Keep in mind as with all photo effects, whether a photo effect (or a combination of photo effects) enhances your photo will vary with each individual photo or image you select.   It is often a trial and error process, but the more you use a photo editing program the more familiar and comfortable you will get in using the photo effects that enhance your images.  While more expensive photo editing programs give you more precise control, they also have a steep learning curve.  Sometimes just working with a free online photo editor will get you started in applying effects that you weren’t familiar with and allow you to experiment with effects that make your photos pop!

Here’s an example of an easy photo collage I created using the bokeh effect for the flower. I usually edit each individual image before I create my photo collage. I don’t always use Picmonkey, but I do use it when I want to create a quick photo editing project for  my Twitter account or other social media platform.


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