How to Create an Instagram Like Photostrip in 5 Easy Steps


In a past blog tutorial, I showed you how to create Instagram like photos  using  a free online photo editing program called PicMonkey.  This tutorial will cover how to gather those Instagram photos you have created in order to create cute Instagram like photostrips, that you can use to share online or in your crafting.  The process is very easy and you will see that it will take a few moments, once you get a hang of the steps.

Step 1- Uploading Your Photos:

The first step is to  choose the “Make A Collage” function in PicMonkey.  Then you will, upload the photos you have created, I usually use only 3 for each photo strip and I will be using that amount for this tutorial.


Step 2 – Selecting Your Layout:

Once you have uploaded your pictures, you will need to create the template into which you will be placing your photos.  Select  “Layouts” and choose the Ducks in a Row option with 3 squares. You will get a 3 square template in the Landscape position.


Step 3 – Flipping & Sizing Your Layout:

Flip the Layout using the rotate function (located at the bottom) and make sure the pixel measurements say 600 pixels by 1800 pixels.   By using these exact dimensions, you will have a photostrip ready to print that will be at 300 dpi and measure 2” by 6”.  Usually you can place two photostrips side by side onto a 4” x 6” layout in order to print onto 4” x 6”  photo paper.


Step 4 – Loading Your Photos :

At this point you will load your photos into the template , in the order you prefer.


Step 5- Saving Your Photostrip:

Once you have loaded your photos, and you are pleased with your collage,  make sure you have saved the photostrip and double check that your dimensions are 600 pixels by 1800 pixels…and Voila!


There you have it…your very own Instagram Like photostrip!


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