Blog Update – Coffee and Tech Issues

Hello Peeps,

I just wanted to let you know that  I have been on a break due to some major technical issues with my original laptop and also my  backup laptop.  Amazingly, I have fried them both!

And,  while I wait for my new  laptop workhorse (being shipped this week), I have had to take a long coffee break and also have had to hold off on my new designs and additional freebies.  Please bear with this interruption during these mid-summer weeks.

I hope to be back on track within a few days to a week!  Meanwhile,  you can take advantage and  enjoy all the current blog posts and freebies that I have posted to date.    I just wanted to let you all know.  Thanks for your continued support.



Update (7/22/16):  So, my “new” laptop has come in and I am fast and furiously working on downloading , installing, upgrading some of  the software (and freeware) that I use to create my planner printables.

Check out the blog update and greeting Youtube vid below, if you like. ( Hint:  I was testing my screencasting software and sound quality)! So, sorry if you pick up on the semi frustrated tone of my voice ( it’s certainly not aimed at and of by blog peeps and followers)…sometimes the back end tech issues can get so ridiculous and exasperating!




6 thoughts on “Blog Update – Coffee and Tech Issues

  1. Oh my goodness – I bet you are dying!! My hard drive started showing errors and I was like – not this crap again!! Good luck with your new laptop!!

    1. Well, I am super frustrated. I revived my backup laptop (it has a fan problem so it overheats often and an old, old operating system) to post this article but the processor can’t handle the design and photo editing work. Thanks for the well wishes, a new laptop gets my creative juices going!

  2. We all know how frustrating it can be, but enjoy this break and hopefully your creative mojo will be rejuvenated by the time the new one arrives 😉
    Thanks for all you do, its very inspiring!

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