Tech Break – Blog Update

Hello blog followers and visitors.  I wanted to get you up to speed with all the  blog changes you are probably seeing on this website.  I have two items I wanted to cover with you and that is changes on my disclosure policy regarding “affiliate ads“.  Since  you have been such great fans of this blog, you have helped this little blog grow to more than 4,000,000+ views since I started self hosting  VintageGlam Studio  in April of 2014.

That kind of traffic has enabled me to land a few opportunities with brands I wouldn’t otherwise have. However, in order to continue bringing you great content that includes craft tools, supplies and wonderful coupons for these products, I need to comply with these brand’s desire for full disclosure to my blog followers and visitors.

So, you will probably be seeing disclosure statements regarding the fact that I might be getting paid when you click through links on my posts.  Although I had many Amazon links in past blog posts they had not been activated due to California online marketing  rules at the time.  That has since changed.

I also wanted to mention that you will probably be seeing a little blog redesign that might make you a little disoriented as to what blog you might be on.  But,  I’m hoping that all these changes will give the site a cleaner, streamlined  look but still provide access to all the freebies and valuable content you have gotten used to.

In any case, I  hope you have a great planning weekend as I type away behind the scenes getting ready for new planner and crafting goodies.

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    1. Thank you…many of the changes are being completed on the back end. Still will be delivering content that you will hopefully like and share.

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