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3 Online Sources for Vintage Patriotic Clip Art


What’s almost as hard to find as a needle in a haystack?  While vintage patriotic  or Independence Day clip art, of course.  So,I thought I would share some of the sources I go to in order to grab a few Independence Day related vintage images.   I have narrowed it down to about 3 very good sources of where you can find vintage patriotic images that are at least free for personal use for your vintage crafting, but still may require a little time investment in actually searching through the choices.  In my opinion, they are as follows…

1. Pinterest

 Pinterest has become  a large search engine on its own.  With so many links to so many blogs, you can usually find what you are looking for by doing a keyword search to the specific item you are trying to find.  In this case, I used the search terms “vintage patriotic clip art” and you can see the numerous results I was able to obtain.  You will have to check the TOU(terms of use) of the image’s original source post, but I would suggest you do that only for the images you really like and intend to use.


 2. Flickr

 The Creative Commons area of Flickr will usually provide you with a good source of vintage images that will usually require attribution if you use the product online and the restrictions  are a little more flexible if you are using the image for personal crafting.  However, the down side is that you will have to do a little more intensive searching on Flickr and come up with variations of search terms such as “july 4th clip art”, “Independence day” etc.

 3. Vintage Image Clip Art Reseller’s

 In this case, these are reseller’s of vintage images that the blog owner has collected, compiled and usually has either placed into a download, or a membership site for a small fee.  This option might be good for you , if you want access to several images that you will be using for your various projects and potentially for resale of limited craft items, etc.  However, this will cost you a fee and it usually scales up based on your final end use of the images.   The website I have included below, allows the use of low resolution images with flexible terms of use.  The following is an example of this type of website and links directly to it.

vintage-clip-art-siteWell, that’s my little round up of a few good sources of vintage patriotic clip art.  Hope you find some great images for your vintage crafting…and have a Happy July 4th holiday!

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5 Tips to Look Out For When Shopping For Vintage Ephemera Online


Online shopping has opened a whole new world of convenience and ease to shoppers and that includes vintage ephemera shoppers as well.  There is a whole lot of shoppers that are looking for either mixed media collage kits for their personal art work or elements they can add to their hybrid scrapbooking kits.

Two of the great places that I really enjoy is Etsy and Ebay, for finding vintage paper ephemera  that is not readily available in my local thrift stores ( or would take up too much of my time to find) or craft store.  While all this is good news to both shoppers and sellers, there are a few caveats you should watch out for.

1.   Know Your Purpose for Buying Vintage Paper Goods

If you are buying to collect actual vintage ephemera to add to your collection from an online seller, then you are going to want to check the authenticity of the item being sold and the reputation of the seller or online shop.  Your reasons for buying will vastly differ from the vintage ephemera buyer that wants to use the items for collage, crafting or other personal use.

2.  Check the Reputation of the Seller

In general, you can check the reputation of the seller by checking the feedback on either Etsy or Ebay online stores.  A good seller usually has very good to excellent feedback.  Try to discount that isolated negative buyer’s feedback, if the rest of the written feedback is consistently positive.  Sometimes a lower number of feedback, means the person just started selling online and is working on their online reputation.  Back to the super negative buyer, there are some buyers almost no one can please. Continue reading 5 Tips to Look Out For When Shopping For Vintage Ephemera Online

2 More Great Sites for Free Vintage Images


Here are two additional websites to add to your list of great websites for vintage ephemera and  vintage images.

I’m always on the lookout for websites that have an eclectic mix of great vintage images and a user friendly TOU (terms of use) policy and I have found a few more sites to tack on to my previous list of great vintage image resource sites.

Continue reading 2 More Great Sites for Free Vintage Images

5 Great Sites for Free Vintage Ephemera and Downloadable Images


If the search for good quality vintage decorative collectibles and other items is difficult,   it can be just as or even  more difficult to find high quality, free vintage ephemera images to use for your digital scrapbooking or DIY craft projects.   You can find yourself spending hours searching on Google, Flickr or Bing, just to find a good quality image and then to find out that the terms of use (TOU) limits you solely to your own personal  DIY crafts or the image can not be used for commercial purposes at all which includes, using the image online or on your web page or blog designs.

To some degree, I can understand the blog owner’s restrictions, too often unscrupulous blog visitors will download images and then repackage them as downloadable images, post them for resale on CDs, on their own websites, or sell them as digital collage sheets sold on Etsy or other online sites.  This is the dark side of having access to free authentic , vintage downloadable images.  For the most part, what these visitors fail to understand is that there are copyright laws that protect blog site owners and their  scanned photos or images.  On the bright side though, most vintage ephemera blog site owner’s  usually provide generous terms of use to their readers  because they know it improves web traffic and increased visits to their sites.  So there usually is a generous, kind community that develops around these blogs and sites. Continue reading 5 Great Sites for Free Vintage Ephemera and Downloadable Images