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Video Sneak Preview-Free Word Cut File

Hello, everyone. I hope you have been enjoying your week and are prepared ( as best you can be) as we  approach the holiday weekend!  Just want to wish all moms a Happy Mother’s Day! I hope your day is fully of joy and pleasant memories.

Today’s post is a video sneak preview of a cut file, I will be releasing soon.  The vid also includes some cut file samples.  If you have been viewing my Instagram pics, I use a few samples of those die cuts in my images, but sometimes the individual image is not showcased.  However, the image in this video  is completely different and shows the cut file on a white plain background with three different patterns, so that you can get an idea of what it will look like.

I hope you are finding these vids helpful and informative and that they  give you an idea of what I am working on. The file is free for personal non-commercial use only.  I designed this word cut file myself and the copyright belongs to me.  Your free to use it for all personal scrapbooking and other papercrafts.   Most of all,  I hope you enjoy it!

Video Sneak Preview of Free Vintage Postage Printable

video sneak preview

Hi, peeps.  The weather is warming up and things are getting pretty hectic in my tiny, studio.  Today,  I have posted  my first video sneak preview on my Youtube Channel so that you can get an idea of  a design I have been working on and will be releasing as a freebie soon.  I also have included a few of the images of my completed design on my Instagram.

So, if you are a frequent blog visitor and you’re wondering where that design is…this is just a quick one minute video to give you an idea about the details of that freebie.

Sometimes you’ll see images on my Instagram that are not available on the blog.   Well, that’s because some of those images include ideas that I’m working on or developing.

As for the vids, I have had this Youtube Channel for awhile now but I used it mostly to gather all the great videos or vid tutorials made by other crafters and hobbyists.  I had compiled quite a few in my playlists.  However, now I  am getting more ideas  (the video sneak preview, for one) as to how to use this channel to give you an idea of my work process or information that I want to relay that will be interesting to you that do somehow seem to be relayed a bit better via video and not just words. Sometimes I just have ideas that are in the pipeline and haven’t either had the time or didn’t think there would be any interest at the moment.

I hope you are as excited as I am with these vids and you will get an idea of my work process and some of the other things going on on my blog .  Thanks for stopping by!