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Spring Cleaning: 3 Ideas for Craft Storage and Organization


Well, this has been a busy week with the Easter holiday having passed just short of a week ago and all the hustle and bustle of spending time with family and friends.  With the rapidly improving sunny weather, here in Southern California, I have also spent a lot of my spare time this week doing a few “spring cleaning” activities.

I  began organizing my craft tools and supplies (the physical and tangible ones) and shopping for either new tools or filling in what was missing or on my wish list.  While I don’t have a huge amount of craft supplies or a dedicated room for crafting, it just seems that once you start acquiring more than a few tools that you’ll need to find ways to organize them.

I have a board on Pinterest dedicated to just this purpose and I enjoy finding pins that showcase craft rooms or craft organizing ideas that incorporate a vintage touch.  However, creative vintage inspired craft storage and organization pins, just like many vintage items themselves, are a little more difficult to find.

The following are a few of my favorite pins.  Hopefully, they inspire you to organize your craft tools and supplies and get encouraged to do some spring cleaning. (Clicking on the links will take you directly to my Pinterest account’s pin. Click on it to go to the original blog post.)

 Shabby Chic Book Print or Antique Map Crafting Boxes With Bookplates


Chipboard Dress Forms for Organizing Ribbon or Twine


Wire Baskets For Frequently Used Rubber Stamp  and Ink Pad Storage


Hopefully , in the near future,  I’ll be able to create a  blog post that showcases some of the great craft finds  I found this week (for awesome prices as well)  following a tip I have always used  when I shop for other household goods and that is to shop off season for huge discounts.

Easy and Inexpensive Party Decor Idea for Your Valentine Get Together

Vintage ValentineRemember making tissue Pom poms in elementary school or middle school art class?  Well, the following party decor idea video takes these simple projects to  a new level of sophistication.  This is one of the easiest and greatest  party decor ideas I have found on Youtube and it involves step by step instructions for creating great party decor using inexpensive tissue paper and ribbon which you can buy at any Michael’s, JoAnns or other craft store .

I think the crafter in this video gives great ideas on how this simple technique can be varied so you get a variety of tissue pomanders in different sizes and therefore bring more pizzazz into your party decor. And it helps that the whole decor ideas, won’t put a huge dent in your wallet as well.

Of course, as Valentine’s Day is approaching you can use a variation of reds and pinks if you want to go with the traditional color that is associated with this holiday.  But you can be as creative as you want to be.  And the huge benefit, is once you learn this technique, you can vary the colors for whatever holiday or special occasion you are celebrating.