New Year’s Greeting! – 2016 Planners

2016 Planning Calendars by Sugapaper for Target

Happy New Year to all my blog followers and visitors!  So here we are…we are now officially in the year 2016 and I just want to say y’all made 2015 a record year with your visits and views.  I’m grateful to you all for making,  what I began as an outlet for my creativity and de-stressing sessions,  into a whole new venture that now has taken a whole new direction into the planner world with many of my freebie planner printables!

It has been a very interesting journey that began with a “planner” printable I designed in February of 2015 and posted on this blog.   I hope you stay tuned and stick with me through this year 2016 to see what new items I will be coming up with.  I have been brainstorming “planning” sessions or printables I have been trying to design for a few more planners or different planners but we will see what can be provided within the next few weeks.

I have already started gathering a few planners for this year by purchasing some planners made by Sugarpaper for Target.  They are currently being sold for a reasonable sales price at Target.  I love these for their black and white color theme and the spots of gold they design throughout their planners.   In addition, I purchased the new Erin Condren Planner in both a horizontal and vertical view!  Although Staples is selling some of her planners (in certain select locations) you might find a better deal for Erin Condren planners on her website.   Here are a couple more pics of the Sugarpaper for Target planners for you to examine.

Inside view of 5 x 8 kraft and gold planner:

Sugar Paper for Target Planner

Here’s the interior view of the 8 1/2″ x 11″ monthly calendar by Sugar Paper for Target:

Monthly Calendar View - Sugar Paper for Target Interior View

Once again I want to thank you all for your visits, views and comments as we continue into 2016!  Happy Planning!

6 thoughts on “New Year’s Greeting! – 2016 Planners

  1. Thank you for sharing your creativity 🙂 Have a great year ahead and looking forward to what you will be creating this year!

  2. I have just recently got into using cute stickers for my planner and I am so grateful for you for sharing these beautiful stickers! They are so cute! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

  3. I’ve only just started using planner stickers and these free sheets you’ve made are amazing thank you so much for sharing them! I just have to wait for my sticker paper to arrive to start using them now 🙂

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