Holiday Crafting – Blog Update!

Hello Peeps…Just wanted to give you an update on what’s going on behind the scenes for the holidays here at VintageglamStudio.  I have been doing a little retooling of my activities and boosting a presence in other  Social Media locations…such as Google+, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.  I sure would like to welcome all the new visitors coming from Pinterest!

In addition, I am also actually spending most of my holiday  crafting time not only designing but actually creating in hardcopy most of the freebie printables I do design.  The image below has a sample of several of the products I have created and crafted.  Some of these holiday items,  I will soon be making available at my Etsy Store.

So, all to say, I am still here and will continue posting freebies in the near future, but currently  (or at least this week) I have been busy creating hard copy items to either post on social media or some hard copy items to feature in my Etsy Store.  Stay tuned for more freebies that I will be posting!

Thanks for everyone that is stopping by to visit and I encourage you to subscribe  to my blog if you would like to receive the freebie  goodies and news I do post when I am on a regular schedule.

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