Vintage Glam is Cooking up Some Changes!


Just wanted to share that  due to the exponential traffic brought on by your multiple pins, I am cooking up alot of changes on this blog. The first is that I have changed the name of the blog from Vintage Glam Collectibles to Vintage Glam Studio, I own both domains and always had plans for the growth of the Vintage Glam Studio name but due to your overwhelming response and multiple pins and repins to Pinterest,  I have had to fast track all my plans. I can’t thank you enough!

Your multiple pins and repins have changed this sleepy little blog to something more like a roaring, restaurant kitchen and I am clamoring to stay ahead of the demand.  I am excited  and am working hard to keep the goodies coming!

I have gone through most of the blog post freebie’s and changed the information on how you should link back to my blog and of course, the new name Vintage Glam Studio. I am writing to assure you that if you have used the Vintage Glam Collectibles name that it is okay.  I am hoping that it will all work out and straighten itself in the wash (excuse me for mixing my metaphors)  and I am writing this to inform you and hopefully reduce any confusion.

I have designed and posted over 54 freebie printables to date and  several freebie digital elements.  I have reconfigured my categories so that it will be easier to find them.  The other tool is the search bar above my header but I often find that sometimes blog authors use different terms or keywords than their blog visitors and this can cause some confusion.

I have also changed my Pinterest account and board to reflect my blog’s name change, so for those of you who are following me on Pinterest, you will understand what is taking place there as well.

As these changes take place, I will keep you informed about updates in a less formal manner; however, I just wanted to let you know about this one particular major change as there is some competition operating under the same name and I wanted to clarify that this blog’s main emphasis is on design with reference to Vintage Glam Collectibles when I sell on Ebay.

I hope you have a great weekend and keep coming back to see what I am cooking up!