3 Online Sources for Vintage Patriotic Clip Art


What’s almost as hard to find as a needle in a haystack?  While vintage patriotic  or Independence Day clip art, of course.  So,I thought I would share some of the sources I go to in order to grab a few Independence Day related vintage images.   I have narrowed it down to about 3 very good sources of where you can find vintage patriotic images that are at least free for personal use for your vintage crafting, but still may require a little time investment in actually searching through the choices.  In my opinion, they are as follows…

1. Pinterest

 Pinterest has become  a large search engine on its own.  With so many links to so many blogs, you can usually find what you are looking for by doing a keyword search to the specific item you are trying to find.  In this case, I used the search terms “vintage patriotic clip art” and you can see the numerous results I was able to obtain.  You will have to check the TOU(terms of use) of the image’s original source post, but I would suggest you do that only for the images you really like and intend to use.


 2. Flickr

 The Creative Commons area of Flickr will usually provide you with a good source of vintage images that will usually require attribution if you use the product online and the restrictions  are a little more flexible if you are using the image for personal crafting.  However, the down side is that you will have to do a little more intensive searching on Flickr and come up with variations of search terms such as “july 4th clip art”, “Independence day” etc.

 3. Vintage Image Clip Art Reseller’s

 In this case, these are reseller’s of vintage images that the blog owner has collected, compiled and usually has either placed into a download, or a membership site for a small fee.  This option might be good for you , if you want access to several images that you will be using for your various projects and potentially for resale of limited craft items, etc.  However, this will cost you a fee and it usually scales up based on your final end use of the images.   The website I have included below, allows the use of low resolution images with flexible terms of use.  The following is an example of this type of website and links directly to it.

vintage-clip-art-siteWell, that’s my little round up of a few good sources of vintage patriotic clip art.  Hope you find some great images for your vintage crafting…and have a Happy July 4th holiday!

Image Credit.

Images Courtesy of VintageHolidaycrafts.com