2 More Great Sites for Free Vintage Images


Here are two additional websites to add to your list of great websites for vintage ephemera and  vintage images.

I’m always on the lookout for websites that have an eclectic mix of great vintage images and a user friendly TOU (terms of use) policy and I have found a few more sites to tack on to my previous list of great vintage image resource sites.

Both of these sites provide an eclectic mix of vintage images from antique paper, to vintage  banners and labels, vintage advertisements, Victorian ornate frames, angels etc. that are mostly sourced from public domain images and thus should be copyright free.

If your plans are to use the images solely for personal projects than there are no concerns, but if you want to use the images for websites or scrap for hire projects than these sites will provide just the images you need for your vintage web or online projects.

The blog owners also have their own Etsy stores and naturally they want you to visit; regardless, the blogs are geared to providing free vintage images and the personal marketing for their stores is almost nonexistent.  Most of the images are jpgs, so you will have to do your own image editing to remove the background and create your own .png files.  That may be a drawback for you; however,  for the most part the sites are a great resource.

I have included a screenshot of the main page of each website.  Both websites include a list of images by subject on the blog’s sidebar in case you want access to a specific type of image.

Hope you enjoy these finds!

1. Vintage Feed Sacks


2. Old Design Shop


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