Spring is on the Way!


Well, March has rolled in and with it of course, are all the the pleasant reminders of the season.  For me I have included a few pics of my favorite things, so this blog post is just a list of all my favorite things associated with spring. Many Shabby Chic collectors tend to collect items associated with spring colors, pastel robin’s egg blue, pinks and buttercup yellows…And I can’t forget the soft spring green!  So this is a great time to bring out the decorative collectibles.

Here’s the list!

  • eggs
  • bunnies
  • chocolate bunnies (you’ll get to know my love for chocolate)
  • warmer weather
  • soft pastels
  • baby lambs
  • puffy clouds and blue skies
  • cherry blossoms
  • trees blooming
  • gardening

And of course, the warmer weather lends to ideal conditions to scout for vintage items, (although weather doesn’t tend to stop me from shopping altogether….a limited spending budget does). Living in California, the weather is generally pleasant but there are days in winter that get a little gloomy.   In any case, just wanted to celebrate the season with a tiny shout out.  Take some time and bring out your favorite vintage items, it will change your outlook and relieve the cabin fever!


How about this idea for spring or the Easter holiday! I just used to like looking at marshmallow peeps.

Source: indulgy.com via Lauren on Pinterest