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Free Printable Download – Easter Tags


It’s pretty amazing that Easter is just around the corner, time seems to have been flying by fast. Well, now that we have set up our first vintage freebie download, here’s this blog’s first vintage freebie printable. The six tags are approximately, 3.5″ by 2″ and the pdf file will print out on 8 1/2″ by 11″ cardstock.  Of course, for all you savvy downloaders, you already know the drill, but just wanted to give you an idea as to what to expect and avoid surprises, images tend to vary when printed.

Please read my TOU (terms of use), if you haven’t before.

Some things you should know before downloading: (updated 10/26/13)

* Vintage Glam Studio printables (formerly under the name Vintage Glam Collectibles) are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. (I own the domains for both names and will be dedicating this blog to more design related articles and printables.)
*You may not re-sell, redistribute, or claim the original or derivative designs as your own.
*Please do not remove the watermark or modify the design in any way other than for your own Personal use.
*If you post this on the internet, please give credit to Vintage Glam Studio & link back to my blog, so others can obtain the resources.  Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook are great social media sharing platforms, it’s the  sharing without a link back that can be a problem.

The following is a thumbnail of the actual image you will be able to access for download.   Click on the image below to get access to the pdf download.


I hope you like it and can use it with any easter baskets or other gifts you might be thinking of giving this spring season.  Vintage Glam Studio is also a part of this blog’s domain, so hope I don’t get anybody confused. 🙂 …and have a Happy Easter!

This is the second set of easter gift tags that I created.  It follows a grey neutral color scheme that I am fond of,so I hope you find this option to your liking.  Click on the image below to get access to the link.


Just a little reminder: The downloadable pdfs in this article (and across my entire site) are free for personal use only. They are not for commercial use. If you wish to incorporate any of my designs or reference them in your own personal projects or blog, please attribute it to me by linking to my site. As a courtesy, if you wish to link to anything on this article, please link to this page and not directly to a downloadable file.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Free Vintage Graphic – Rooster and Chicken


It’s a long story as to why I like chickens and roosters, and a kind of quaint one; however,   the relative who used to raise them wouldn’t appreciate my sharing all the details of the story, so until I get clearance from that  corner I’ll just keep it at that.

I found this following vintage graphic  image as a public domain item, digitally cropped it and cleaned it up.  It is saved as a .png file ( I know all you savvy digital scrappers know that a .png file  is an image file with a transparent background).  Unfortunately, the chickens were standing in grass so their feet look a little rough and I didn’t have time to crop out the feet and/or add fake grass.

The actual image is 709 px by 535 px and once you click on the image another tab will open on your browser in order to download it from my Photobucket site. The image will display and you can  pretty much save the file, by using the “Save As” function in Microsoft Windows.

b&W Chickens-prev

If you are not familiar with downloading images from Photobucket, the following is a screenshot of what you might be expected to see and your other options for linking and sharing. 😉  (Of course this, will depend on how I link the file.)

Please read my TOU (terms of use) page before downloading.  Disregard the white background in the screenshot, that’s just the way Photobucket displays their images.

If you notice the screenshot shows the dialog box showing the .png extension. I hope that that clears up any confusion.


While I am still debating as to where to set up my image downloads in order to make it the most accessible to those who are interested, I’m going to test this on my Photobucket account for now. In  the near future, I plan to upload larger files  elsewhere.   I hope you enjoy it!

4 Creative St. Patrick’s Day Holiday Decor Ideas With Vintage Flair


Nothing like another holiday, in order to give you an excuse for vintage holiday decorating.  What is the point of collecting vintage items if you can’t display them and use them for celebrations?  So, just wanted to acknowledge all the St. Patrick’s Day celebration that you see on the internet and other social media.  The other images I have included, provide ideas for displaying your vintage cutlery and tableware that is just lovely.

Here’s a round up of a few pins, I have collected on my “Holiday Decor” board on Pinterest that will spurcreative ideas  for Irish St. Patrick’s Day decor with a vintage feel and using some of the  free vintage postcards that are available on the Internet.

Source: via Dru on Pinterest

I think it’s the mercury glass  and chandelier print on the mantel that I like so much.  The sign has just the right touch of crafty diy feel mixed with a few formal decor items.

I really like the shabby chic(or distressed) decor in this next idea, and of course the vintage cutlery, green majolica and tablescape. The origiinal pinner is a self-confessed plate addict.

Source: Uploaded by user via Dru on Pinterest

This next pin includes the actual vintage postcards I found online to create my header image.  Here the pinner is using it to create a cute holiday home decor item.

This next idea, I really like and will probably use it with different holidays.  Just change the vintage cup color to your holiday color theme.

Source: via Dru on Pinterest

Hope  you like these pins and they inspire you to get you celebrating holidays with all your vintage collectibles.

Digital Scrapbooking Crafting Apps for the Ipad


While I have been dabbling in the world of digital scrapbooking for a couple of years or so, and engaging in my hobby when I can, (using a variety of free and or paid resources), I knew that  with the popularity of Picmonkey and other photo editing programs that someone would eventually create an easier online digital scrapbooking software application.

So, I wasn’t surprised to see that the doyenne of all things homemaking, home design and style, and crafting would launch her own crafting application for the ipad.  This application was initially released sometime in June of 2012 and was available for free.   After July 8th, 2012 it  was made available on the itunes app store for $4.99.  If you are on Pinterest, the Martha Stewart Craft teams regularly posts pins on their application. If you click on the Martha Stewart Crafts pic above, you will be directed to her introductory video of the app but it it basically speeds through the interface. (This is not an affiliate link.)

According to other online reviews, the crafting app is solely for card making.  It enables you to choose from three background  sizes and decorate them with elements like patterned paper, stamps, punch-outs, stickers and even sparkles.   Four themes are included with the app, and five add-on packs are available for $1.99 each via in-app purchases.

As you would expect from Martha Stewart, the app provides themes that complement each other and are color coordinated, but you can go outside of the box by mix and matching your own themes.    You can retrieve pictures from your ipad or use the ones already stored on your ipad for your photo layouts.

All your projects can be saved, emailed or posted to Facebook and Twitter.  If you were looking for something that is actually printed,  you can send the card to your printer or send it to  Snapfish, a digital printing service.  I have been looking for other similar apps for available for android tablets but haven’t been successful, so I’ll have to do additional research.

Other similar ipad apps that are worth  looking at are:

Red Stamp Cards

Available at Itunes app store – Free


ScrapPad- Srapbook for Ipad

Available at Itunes app store – Free


If you want additional information, or just want to know what the interface looks like,  I have included a third party Youtube video review of the software app, so you can get an idea of the look of the software app’s interface and the basic functions that are available on the Martha Stewart’s Craft Studio.  Sometimes it helps to watch video of someone else using the software before you commit to trying it out.  Unfortunately, it’s no longer free, so you want to be able to get the most for your purchase.

Spring is on the Way!


Well, March has rolled in and with it of course, are all the the pleasant reminders of the season.  For me I have included a few pics of my favorite things, so this blog post is just a list of all my favorite things associated with spring. Many Shabby Chic collectors tend to collect items associated with spring colors, pastel robin’s egg blue, pinks and buttercup yellows…And I can’t forget the soft spring green!  So this is a great time to bring out the decorative collectibles.

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