5 Whimsical Free Fonts for Valentine’s Day DIY Crafts


If you are contemplating making any DIY crafts for Valentine’s day, (whether it’s greetings cards, tags or labels),  it helps to have great fonts in your decorating arsenal.  I have compiled the following whimsical free fonts from a great online site resource  for free fonts.

The styles vary and the terms provided for their use by the font author varies; however, all those that were selected for this blog post are free for personal or commercial use.  These fonts (or typography, if you want to get technical) are all from the same site or font foundry, Dafont.

Selecting Your Font

The font designer usually provides a visual template of how each letter of the alphabet will look, or if there are any characters that are missing or not included in the font file,  for example, punctuation or other symbols.  They also include information as to whether the font can be used for personal or commercial use or whether they are requesting a donation.

The Dafont site has a cool feature that allows you to print the word phrase to preview just what your greeting card, tag or label might look like with the word phrase you have chosen.

All these fonts were located under the Holiday > Valentine’s section; however, there are hundreds  more available. The whole site has literally thousands of fonts.  They have sans serif fonts, serif fonts and script fonts available for your use.

I selected these because they were the most decorative (and they were searched as to the most popular) for the holiday, but I would suggest you check out the site for additional cute or romantic fonts that would suit your style or fancy.

1. Krishart


2.  Fatty Heartfatty-heart-font3. Heartland


4.Times New Romance


5. Queen of Hearts

queen-of hearts

The font files are downloaded via a zipped file and it will contain a font file usually ending with the suffix .TTF.

The instructions for the  installation of the font files vary per computer but they are not that difficult. If you have a Windows Vista operating system or a Mac, usually it requires just dragging and dropping the saved .TTF file into your fonts folder on your computer. Otherwise, you might want to check your system’s operating “Help” file to find out how to install your fonts.

Once you get familiar with the site, and adept at loading your fonts the trick will be to see if you can stop at only one!